All things DIY is what we're about

We are so excited to share our love for sewing & all things DIY with you! We grew up learning to sew from our Mom & the enjoyment we get out of completing a project is awesome! We want you to feel that sense of accomplishment too, no more craft overwhelm!

If you're a busy crafter and have no time to run around grabbing items needed to complete a project, we've got you covered by providing all items needed for that month's project.

You're a #lazycrafter if you love the idea of DIY but don't know where to start- and STILL haven't gotten around to ACTUALLY getting started. We'll send you just what you need.

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A little bit about our mission here at CMYfabriK...

At CMYfabriK Box, our mission is to create bold and playful fabric designs that can be used in various sewing, crafting and DIY projects in a young woman's life and home. We cater to all crafting levels, so don't worry about that. Our fabric is the core of the CMYfabriK Box experience, it's designed by artists and makers right here so you won't find it anywhere else!

We are excited about creating a collaborative community of people who love to share tips and craft wins with each other, while growing in experience together. Find our #TriedItNailedIt Tribe on Facebook and join this growing group of crafters and DIYers.

Meet the CMYfabriK team

Rachel, Co-Founder

Interior Designer, Surface Pattern Designer, Artist & Crafter. Pinterest is her search engine, rocks the hot glue gun (while trying not to burn herself), & splattering paint on everything.

Jessica, Co-Founder

Graphic Designer, Surface Pattern Designer & self proclaimed #LazyCrafter. Enjoys binging on New Girl & The Mindy Project, designing awesome things & DIY projects.

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